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Farmari Agricultural Exhibition 2017 in Seinäjoki city 14.-17. June 2017

Key themes for the exhibition are agriculture, development of new concepts in agriculture, forest, energy and local and Finnish food.

  • Farmari is taking place every second summer in different parts of Finland.
  • The exhibition is a professional event which brings professionals together from the field of agriculture and forestry as well as from the food and energy sector.
  • Farmari is the only Exhibition that is able to bring all sectors of the bioeconomy together, meaning food, forestry, energy, water and natural services and at the same time unites above mentioned sectors and their actors with each other for further cooperation.
  • Farmari showcases diversely the agricultural and rural development and shows the latest innovations.
  • Over 100 000 visitors visited FARMARI Seinäjoki in 2013!

Responsible for organizing the 2017 FARMARI Agricultural Exhibition is ProAgria South Ostobothnia.


  • Exhibition director Hannu Haapala, tel. +358 43 825 2805
  • Exhibition manager Henri Honkala, tel +358 40 827 7100
  • Communications Manager Miia Lenkkeri-Tamminen, tel +358 400 159 118
  • Email: